PowerPoint – Screen shot

One of the updates to PowerPoint 2010 is the Screen shot tool.  I usually use a program called Snag-It for my screen shots.  However, now I can make screen shots directly in PowerPoint.

Make sure to open the software that you want to take a screen shot of.  Then, open PowerPoint.  On the main menu, click Insert > Screen shot.  You can do one of two things:

  1. Available windows:  if you click on one of the available windows, PowerPoint will take a screen shot of that entire window and dump the picture into your PowerPoint slide.
  2. Screen Clipping:  one of the available windows will open.  The mouse will turn into a cross.  With the mouse, select the area you would like to appear in the screen shot.  The information will be dumped into the PowerPoint slide.

This screen shot tool removes a lot of steps.  Before, you had to hit the Print Screen button, paste the data into Microsoft Paint, save the image and insert the image into PowerPoint.  This four step process is reduced down to one step.  As PowerPoint evolves, more and more great tools like the Screen Shot tool are being incorporated into the software.


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